Meet our Urban Angel, Aytan!

AytanPlease meet fellow Urban Angel Aytan Evans!  Aytan has has been a part of Urban Angels for many years.  She has a heart to touch people and consistently demonstrates it through love and action.  Her many talents and abilities have been crucial to making our efforts a success.

Thank you, Aytan!


These are just a few of Aytan’s jewelry pieces that she has made! Each necklace and bracelet is made with a variety of colorful beads, glass beads, plastic beads, found beads and treasures. Her pieces are special, made with love!

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 2.52.22 PM

Custom beads can be made with school colors for School Spirit, or can be bought as they have been created, with spirit and love put in each one. Not one single necklace or bracelet has been duplicated, making each one unique, just like you!

AYTAN’S SPIRT BEADS will be available for sale at the Urban Angel’s booth at Fashion Denver’s WHITE PARTY on August 18th! Click here for information! 

“Making jewelry is relaxing. I started doing it as a kid for gifts for my family, friends, and it stuck. My designs have always been this style. I’d sell them at work and they sold out. So I keep making them!. I had a desire to help The Urban Angels financially. I’d like to see if others would like to start making jewelry… kids helping kids. We can teach kids how to give back to the community!”